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Playing time: 24 minutes | 200MB

A beautiful girl named Chika has a dilemma. Born with a genetic disorder, Chika has amazing abilities. How many hot girls do you know that can regenerate, levitate like Houdini and spread wings so she can fly? Chika is off to college and life in the girls dorm just became a bit more interesting. Desperate to understand why she was given these powers, Chika goes on a journey to find out why she is..the chosen one!
Triangle Heart - Volume 1 Erotic Fantasy

Playing time: 24 minutes | 200MB

By day Chika studies diligently at college, but finds herself distracted. Distractions that only a girl becoming of age and embracing her sexuality can ever face. Chika soon realizes that the unique powers given to her can have multiple uses, not the least being an object of desire
Triangle Heart - Volume 2 Erotic Fantasy


Playing time: 24 minutes | 200MB

Hikaru Kodama, a degraded nurse falls into a deviant trap and becomes a sex slave. In a secret area of the hospital she undergoes an erotic experimentation. Hikaru, at times shows the true nature of her ferocity. She proceeds to go on a splurge of sexually infused romps that turn her submissive, docile demeanor into a one woman sex machine!
Night Shift Nurses - Kranke Volume 1
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Playing time: 24 minutes | 200MB

On the verge of death and enduring a serious wound, a man stumbles into a hospital, only to be saved by a sexy nurse named Yu Yagami. He is moved to the special ward where he is interviewed by the beautiful hospital director Reika Goei. Thereupon she asks him to become a test subject for a new virility drug. With no parents, siblings or a girlfriend in his life, he agrees to become a test subject. Immediately, Yu Yagami gets assigned to be his personal nurse.

No one had any idea what a sex charged deviant they were going to create, or what would happen next.
Night Shift Nurses - Experiment Volume 1
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Playing time: 24 minutes | 200MB

These counselors take special interest in the nasty class of 2005. Madoka goes to her counselor for advice on her classes, and the help she is given will take her to a new place of erotic heights. Watch these girls embark on a path of forbidden love.
University Girls Special Counseling
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Playing time: 24 minutes | 200MB

Keith and Rena embark on a new adventure to find the high Priestess that has been captured by the evil Dolfus.

Dolfus, a demonic monster, holds her in his lair as he has his way with her.
He waits for Rena to fall into his trap.

The monster is after her sex elixir, its hidden energy is to resurrect its master, the God of Darkness. Will Keith be able to save them all?
Romance is in the Flash of the Sword II Vol 2: The God Of Darkness
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